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Fluid Pumps for Pharmaceutical Industry

Fluid pumps for pharmaceutical industry are used to move fluids delivering them to the process equipment. The nature of the pharma substances can vary greatly, in terms of viscosity, sensitivity to shear forces, and abrasiveness.
As in case of food and beverage industry , pharmaceutical pumps must not only be designed to meet the needs of specific processes. They must also prevent cross-contamination between batches and damages due to shear forces.
Moreover, the high hygienic standards of the pharmaceutical industry are critical for guaranteeing a safe and efficacious product, even the minimum contamination can damage it.

Why to choose Pompe Casali fluid pumps?

Pompe Casali holds its pumps to high standards, ensuring absolute precision in dosing, metering and portioning.
When constructing our fluid pumps for pharmaceutical industry, we don’t forget about the need of extremely delicate handling in the form of low-shear pumping. For example, to handle very fragile substances, such as living cells.
In the same time, our fluid pumps are resistant to damages from such as abrasives, corrosives, viscous fluids and heat. Pompe Casali fluid pumps are able to transport even very sticky liquids such as molasses, toothpastes, mica, creams, etc.
All this make our pumps suitable for the toughest, most demanding pharmaceutical applications even with high-value and high-risk productions. In other words, where everything counts to reliability and repeatability process-driven productions.

The key characteristics of our fluid pumps for pharmaceutical industry are:

  • Safety. We put feature a high level of attention to hygiene to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Reliability.Time-tested guarantee of the quality of our products.
  • Efficiency.Our pumps are cost-effective delivering maximum energy efficiency, higher yields and increased uptime, all this with a reduced C02 footprint.

As the leading manufacturer of fluid pumps, we support our clients from the development of complete solutions to the realization of the project. In other words, we match exactly the needs and process requirements, considering all the details to make the production of the pharma product cost-effectively.

Perhaps, we’ll not discover any new drug. But Pompe Casali fluid pumps for pharmaceutical industry could play an important role making discoveries a reality for who does it.


Fluid pumps for pharmaceutical industry
Fluid pumps for pharmaceutical industry
Fluid pumps for pharmaceutical industry
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