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Fluid Pumps for Paints and Solvents

The term fluid pump for paint solvents covers a wide range of paint, print and varnish liquids, as for example, ink, solvents, water-based and solvent-based paints, pigments, acrylics, etc.
Pompe Casali high-performance, yet energy efficient pumps offer a solution to handle almost any paint applications and liquid consistency.

How to choose a fluid pump for pains and solvents?

When choosing a fluid pump for paints and solvents, the first thing to consider is chemical compatibility. That is because every part that contacts with the fluid needs to be chemically resistant to it. Moreover, some un-dissolved solids with different particle size can remain in the fluid. That’s why the pump must be able to pass these solids through without incurring any damage.

But it’s not all, manufacturers must be aware of the fluid temperatures, because some chemical fluids change properties when the temperature or pressure is changed frequently.

Our positive displacement pumps are more efficient at moving high viscosity fluids than than other types of pumps and can provide high pump pressure. They are also move fluids with low steam pressure, which flow at lower speeds and create greater resistance.

Why choose our fluid pump for paints and solvents?

With Pompe Casali fluid pumps for paints solvents you’ll be able to:

  • increase your productivity and improve the manufacturing efficiency
  • produce the same flow at a given RPM no matter what the discharge pressure is
  • control the material viscosity, color and temperature
  • eliminate material waste
  • reduce operating costs thanks to energy efficiency, reliable circulation and supply
  • minimize downtime
  • obtain lower noise levels.

Another important aspect to consider while choosing the fluid pump for paints solvents is that handling and transferring of toxic, corrosive, and volatile substances could be risky for human and environment.

The Pompe Casali durable, zero leak packing design prevents fluid and vapor leakage reducing health and environmental hazards. Our positive displacement fluid pumps both handle abrasive substances, and transfer thin, volatile materials with minimum loss.

In conclusion, thanks to the constant commitment to research and development of new production technologies, technical experience and patents, we guarantee the highest quality for our fluid pumps.


fluid pumps for paints and solvents
fluid pumps for paints and solvents
fluid pumps for paints and solvents
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