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Fluid Pumps for Bitumen and Oils Industry

Pompe Casali offers advanced technologies and engineering solutions to develop fluid pumps for bitumen and oils industry. As you know, the oil and bitumen industry establishes some of the highest levels of requirements on its equipment and suppliers. Our pumps process and deliver oil and bitumen completing the industrial chain safely and efficiently.

Which difficulties the fluid pumps for bitumen and oils industry should manage with?

Bitumen, or asphalt, is a sticky and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum used in refining, pavement, road and roof construction and many other areas. It’s durable, abundant, resistant and economic material. It acts as a glue and has excellent sealing properties resisting water ingress.

So to work with such viscous fluids and aggressive liquids mixed with solid particles you need a special pump for bitumen and oils industry. Moreover, you can also use this pump for the mastics, emulsions for waterproofing, covering works as well as for pumping oil and liquid pitch.

Bitumen is a viscous material heated to between 140°C-170°C. That’s why bitumen pump is normally a cast iron gear pumps which works slowly to minimize wear with hardened teeth.

How choose the right pump for bitumen?

  • Because of fast solidification of asphalt, within the equipment of the fluid pump for bitumen, it is important to install heating jackets to keep the bitumen in liquid form and prevent it from cooling.
  • Seal options include packed gland which provides seal longevity and better resistance to damage than a mechanical seal.
  • To make pumps entirely seal free it’s possible apply magnetic couplings.

Pompe Casali has a full range of different pumps and matching equipment supporting the pumping and transferring of viscous fluids. But if you have doubts about the right pump for your need we’ll be glad to advise you!

Why choose our fluid pump for bitumen and oil industry?

Firstly, we engineer our fluid pumps for bitumen and oils industry according to the specific requirements of our customers. Secondly, our engineers consider all the technical aspects to ensure lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs. As the result, Pompe Casali fluid transfer pumps perform reliably under extreme temperatures and at high pressures.

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fluid pumps for bitumen and oils industry
Fluid pumps for bitumen and oils industry
fluid pumps for bitumen and oils industry
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