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Fluid Pumps for Food and Beverage Industry

Fluid pumps for food and beverage industry are some of the most important parts in the chain of food processing. Pompe Casali understands the needs and difficulties faced by manufacturers together with the reputation and brand rely on final product quality.

In light of the wide selection of pumps available, choosing the right one for a food is very important and requires careful consideration of the different pump types and their properties.

Fluid pumps for food and beverage industry are employed for main processing challenges. The applications can vary widely, but are normally focused on low-viscosity fluids. It includes, for example, sugar, sauces, juices, syrups, jellies and jams, flavored waters, wine, beer and other beverages.

Such a variety of foods and their processing presents the most important challenge for pump specification: how hard the fluid is to pump, how sensitive it is to stress, etc.

Other factors and characteristics of the substances to consider when choosing fluid pump for food and beverage industry are:

  • Viscosity. It takes more force to move the fluids that doesn’t flow readily. Moreover, some of them have to be handled as gently as possible. Some others, like ketchup and molten chocolate, can change viscosity during the processing.
  • Particulates. Solid objects as, for example, blueberries, can be problematic to be moved along the fluid pump. In this case it’s necessary to keep a steady flow to protect the particulates and the pump mechanism from damage.
  • Abrasiveness. Certain naturally abrasive substances as slurries containing sugar, mustard with seed shells, tomatoes and other produce with dirt and sand. It can cause long-term wear on the surfaces of a pump.
  • Chemical attack. Certain liquids or slurries with high levels of salt or acid due to their chemical properties, can damage fluid pump components.
  • Variable flow. When there are more than one variance of food or beverage to process, pumping becomes a challenging. Pompe Casali advises the right selection and modification of fluid pump to guarantee reliable production with consistent quality at all times.
  • In conclusion, as for pharma pumps, fluid pumps for food and beverage industry must manage routine cleaning and sanitization, providing superior hygienic performance, ensure protection of food from contamination.

Moreover, not appropriate pump can damage the finished product with impellers, vanes, lobes or valves. That’s why the staff of Pompe Casali is always attentive to the needs of the manufacturers.

Our precise and hygienic fluid pumps for food and beverage industry are also a reliable solution for metering flavourings, colours or additives. It means, handling abrasive and shear sensitive viscous fluids, and treating process effluent ensuring the integrity and quality of the finished product.


Fluid pumps for food and beverage industry
Fluid pumps for food and beverage industry
Fluid pumps for food and beverage industry
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