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Fluid Pumps for Cosmetics Industry

Due to the general use of cosmetic products on humans, fluid pumps for cosmetics industry have to be extremely sure, safe and certificated. To clarify, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry produces a wide range of different fluids. In other words, fluids ranging from low viscosity fragrances to viscous fluids like cream, gel, lotion, vaseline, etc.

Why choose our fluid pumps for cosmetics industry?

The safety and quality of cosmetic products is as important to us as it is to you.

That’s why Pompe Casali engineers design self-priming volumetric pumps to meet requirements for:

  • safety
  • sanitation
  • highest quality pumps
  • customization

Moreover, we design self-priming positive displacement fluid pumps for the continuous production of personal care products. Our solutions also avoid cross contamination, a key concern in the cosmetics industry. Because as you know, even the slightest contamination can render a batch of product unusable, or a study inconclusive.

Our pumping solutions are known as reliable and durable, and can be used for conveying and metering, as well as processing.

With our fluid pumps you’ll be able to:

  • firstly, minimize unproductive times
  • secondly, maximize out of your production
  • thirdly, do all that with extremely reliable, long lifetime and low maintenance pumps.

Moreover, our fluid transfer pumps are compliant with major international standards and has all the necessary EU certificates. In addition, they also can be quickly and easily cleaned with cleaning chemicals or hot steam.

How do we produce our fluid pumps.

  • Our company provides the complete service from consultation to commissioning.
  • We create industrial pumps for cosmetics industry in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements and developing custom-made, integrated, efficient, and tested solutions.
  • Moreover, such pump can be also used in food and beverage and even in pharmaceutical industries.

In conclusion, Pompe Casali has an experienced and knowledgeable staff to ensure that you get expert help in choosing and applying the right product. Just contact us!


Fluid pumps for Cosmetics industry
Fluid pumps for Cosmetics industry
Fluid pumps for Cosmetics
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